Real Madrid

The other day I was watching the match Valencia-Depor and me set on Juan Mata. It is one of these players who think that not this in the field until he gets a goal (yesterday got one) or gives an attendance of goal (yesterday gave 3). It is a second scorer tip of the cantera of Real Madrid converted player from band that makes it all easy, great first touch with very good judgment and very bad milk. In the match he did not do a single Dodge, despite playing in band, everytime it came the ball relied on a partner or if he saw the possibility got a good pass at the area. And each time his team attacked by another band he incorporated into top position, thus became his goal, the first of the Valencia. Recently Gary Kelly sought to clarify these questions. What we might call a player of low noise and many nuts.

Just what contrary of the other player which fasten me this day: Arjen steal, plays in the same position as Mata, is that raises much expectation before a match. When you the ball and this band hit almost always try the one on one, I calculate that you must leave the opponent with a 30% clarity often, that means that the play ends in anything 70% and then there is that focus and hit the front of your computer. In my opinion this type of football players retain and biased much play of his team and the results are very limited which Robben party ye have seen with his 1 goal and 3 assists? much ADO and ADO. Funny theme is that Mata (absolute national football team player very soon) was already player of Real Madrid, was not worth a penny, just needed an opportunity in the first team, as other many homegrown. And theft cost 36 million Euros. Free football J.barcelo Webmaster..



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