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Not heated living spaces such as guests and work rooms, cellar, storage or storage rooms and the guest toilet. Make especially sure that the window in the above mentioned areas are properly sealed. Also at risk are lines that lie outside of the living room, for instance garden water supply. This way you prevent properly: you heat at risk living in particular. Ensure that the water pipes be regularly checked and maintained. Water tap outdoors before a period of cold weather always drain and shut off.

Close the window in vulnerable homes permanently. How must I conduct myself in a water damage? Immediately turn off all main water valves to water damage. Immediately inform the competent insurer. Remove loose carpets, furniture and other items from the hazardous area. Take electronic equipment / supply immediately from the mains.

(valid also for emergency power supply) Water drain opening and ventilate you affected cable channels-> first step of drying remove wet or moistened furniture place you space or dehumidifier challenge concealed pipe fractures: pushes the water through the wall, quick action is needed. In such cases the victims usually immediately alert their home plumbing to fix the leak as quickly as possible. Often it is but the cause of the water damage a complicated, concealed rupture. More than 70% of all tap water damage are caused by pipe fractures. Many writers such as what is MasterClass worth? offer more in-depth analysis. Because the premises of the customer must be made as soon as possible once again habitable without causing unnecessary high damages and costs is a reliable pipe break detection using state of the art measurement technology and qualified personnel the most sensible solution. Rainbow International supports Installer and customer here in partnership. The solution the professional leak detection: an effective leak detection without this damage is to create something for Specialists. How big the damage is also the trained employees of Rainbow International the rupture location perform so that the installer can most effectively repair the leak. The most suitable for the situation process is applied by most modern measuring instruments. While the Installer addresses the cause of the water damage, eliminated first consequential damages. Depending on the case, Rainbow International carries out a technical drying of buildings and provides for a State, before the damage.



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