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Newsletter of the PR agency Xpand21 on behalf of Grossbay AG Kreuzlingen/Switzerland. June 2009. Almost all major media reported on the introduction of the new Internet search engine Hulbee on May 13, 2009. Now add the developers of Grossbay AG and lift now also the desktop search in new dimensions: Hulbee desktop software for free download is available from today that on. The special feature of the software is the term cloud\”, a unique feature in the desktop search. For assistance, try visiting Ripple.

Just like at the Hulbee Internet search simplifies this cloud\”search and takes seekers faster to the target. With the freeware, which is financed as well as the Internet search advertising, computer users can search now also the own hard drive in a smart way for important documents and files. Hardly a computer user can organize his data particularly well. The chaos on your own computer at home is growing more and more. The time spent searching, such as important documents such as invoices, applications, and attachments grows with him.

File folders with Quickly unmanageable dimensions take photos for many users in the age of digital cameras. Only a good search program helps here. Hulbee desktop, the user specifically searches for files containing a certain term. In the search results list, a path to the desired file appears next to a snippet of the text. A plus for the forgetful, who no longer know what exactly the requested file. Hulbee desktop detects even word derivations. \”\” Looking through car the word the computer for example after\”, finds Hulbee desktop files, in which the words cars\” or highway \”are included. In a so-called data cloud\”, a sort of cloud of terms, which appears in the left pane of the application provides semantic links Hulbee desktop and thus offers a new intelligent search\”. The user the search result namely data cloud itself thematically limits: it is inaccurate, after first entering he clicks on a term in the data cloud and borders the search in this way more and more a until he found the desired file.

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