I think she had to hear the numbers from me only because so probably at the same time I had given my agreement to make withdrawals from my account later. It indeed sounded as if she would already know my account number, but that was probably not the case. Only through my Reply that got my full number and thus I was fallen into the trap. A short time later the three editions came weekly. However, I had to leave to trick me probably a subscription, because the three issues I would need to quit then writing but I thought Yes, that it would be a gift and not did not think that I must do something to complete a contract. Because the three issues the deliveries went further, I got a new more Edition each week. Later over 80 euros are deducted from my account me, I but back book left by opposition at the bank counter.

Well, I got no more magazines but reminders. I was of the opinion that I was been set up and found it so a sum payable to an insolence. So, I strictly refused and remained stubborn. There were probably half a year or even longer these reminders that I not answered and more or less ignored, because I regarded myself as innocent and believed cross was to be what I think even today. My point is, is that my stubbornness in this case but has been rewarded. Because at some point a comparison quote of Publisher came.

So now 18 euro I should pay, and would thus be the case then done as you wrote. Actually I agreed so and heard no more something new after my immediate transfer to their account. Seen in this way, I saved more than 70 or 80 euros. Although I admit that really was on the nerves every month to find a new reminder in the mail box. This can be a way not to have to pay back at least part of its debt. Markus Geers



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