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Presentation using projection equipment. The use of projection equipment has a strong impact on the emotional mood of the audience, helping the speaker quickly gain an understanding of listeners. In the moments that require particularly high concentration and quick reactions, a series of compelling images can significantly help a man: demonstration of complex processes on a large screen helps to better understand the nature of phenomenon, and show critical events in the life-size – to evaluate information and take the necessary decision. Multimedia Projectors Multimedia Projector can project not only video but also a computer image. Currently, the development of modern multimedia projector comes in two directions: the constantly increasing light output and reduced weight of the projector. Luminous flux of 1000 ANSI lumens becomes the norm, and the requirements for dark room, becoming lower. The most powerful projectors have a luminous flux of a few thousand ANSI lumens, while maintaining its portability. In recent years have changed their attitude to the concept of portability and mobility.

Portable projectors have been called less than 10 kg, ultraportable – weighing less than 4 kg, mikroportativnymi – weighing less than 2 kg. A special place among multimedia projectors take projection for the stationary use which have a high luminous flux (up to 10,000 ANSI lumens and above) and large compared with the portable projector size. Such projections are usually used in concert halls, stadiums – where are activities with a large number of spectators. Constantly increasing border resolution projectors. Gone are the projectors with a resolution VGA (640×480).

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