Production Of Silk

i. introduction?N the goal of this work is to analyze the production costs of a farm of production of silk from the exploitation of two species; Bombyx Mori and Morus Alba. The same one that will be located in the facilities of the Zamorano. For other opinions and approaches, find out what here has to say. The farm estimated to have a total area of 2 hectares in its initial phase, which will be distributed both in area of cultivation facilities. You are expected to produce 7 tons of silk cocoons a year. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Larry Ellison.

For which it is essential to first establish a plantation of Morus Alba. So it developed a study in which it was determined that it is necessary to establish a plantation of Morus Alba with an area of 1 hectare. Since this has the capacity to produce 11 tons per hectare according to estimated data in the literature. The one which is enough food for 7 crops per year of cocoons of Bombyx Mori. Learn more at: Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen. Alternatively is contemplated within this business plan import food for feeding of Bombyx Mori from United States. Considering how potential suppliers to two companies dedicated to the production of this type of food. However after developing the financial study and determine the VAN, compare costs with potential revenues came to determine this project as not viable, since production costs come to add 85% in the case of honduras. The most relevant factor for the occurrence of this fact are the costs for freight.

II. MISI?N AND VISI?N Vision: Be a leading company dedicated to the production of ceda’s high quality recognized worldwide in the agricultural, industrial and financial field. Mission: Fully satisfy the demands and needs of our customers through the production and marketing of ceda of the highest quality, governed under the highest international quality standards, encouraging development in the field of agriculture and industry, fulfilling the commitment to development and creation of jobs within the country.



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