To all this it would be necessary to add a new variant of I mistreat masculine that seems to arise with force lately: the false denunciations on the part of women who, knowing itself protected by the Law of Violence of Sort use, it of fraudulent form at the time of denouncing to their pair by bad nonexistent treatments, sometimes animated by their own lawyers to remove the maximum from benefits in cases of divorces, and like way to make agile this process still more. It is clear after all what has been said, that the domestic violence is not a sort problem, but social, that we cannot focus in I only mistreat feminine. One also extends men, and not only to them, but also to old children and. Hear other arguments on the topic with Larry Ellison. The cases are more than we imagined. We are speaking of those women who abuse their position to exert a true one I mistreat to their pairs and children.

The pairs of these women usually enter the game of an emotional blackmail by which they support blows, insults, denigrations, blackmail with the children, economic manipulations among others so many thousands of forms of I mistreat, including the sexual hostility with the retirement of the privacy. If you would like to know more then you should visit Southwest Airlines. Many groups of people maltratos put in evidence that the women we suffered which is real and necessary to denounce but nobody speech of this other face of the currency, of those women who feel over their pairs and enjoy with the fact to see undergo them and denigrate them. When the spouses are struck, scratched and until bites, hardly they make the denunciation because they fear to be object of ridicule of the police or other men, because they consider this scene like ridiculous, putting itself On guard chauvinistic. They not only will silence the manipulation to which they are being put under but they will boast before his friendly to always have the last word, although this one is: yes, my love.



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