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Ceremony for the LandJuwel initiative TEAM PLAYER has expired the deadline for the action TEAM PLAYER. Over 70 primary schools in Berlin and Brandenburg have submitted their application documents. Unfortunately, “only” twenty schools and their concepts can be awarded at the end. (“The handed over the symbolic cheques between the partners of the LandJuwel group, members of the schools, the representatives of the Senate Administration for education, science and research, as well as the elite schools of sport in Berlin in a small ceremony with drinks and a small buffet am: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 to 16:00 in the city of children” in ALEXA right on the Alexanderplatz (Grunerstrasse of 20 in 10179 Berlin) sedentary lifestyle, improper diet and health deficits at a young age. It is just the sport or the common game in the afternoon in the school, in which values such as team spirit, fairness and tolerance our kids get taught. In addition, they here often find their single motion compensation before it again goes back home to the computer or the TV. Poor nutrition leads to overweight at the end.

We, the LandJuwel Fleischer of the Berlin-Brandenburg Group contribution our mind. We, who are LandJuwel-Fleischer of the Berlin-Brandenburg group support the idea of projects (sport and exercise activities) for the improvement of whole day operation Berlin primary schools with a total of 10,000 euros. A total will be awarded twenty elementary schools with a gift in the amount of Euro 500 ever. This year, we have found with the Senate Administration for education, science and research, in particular with the elite schools of sport in Berlin, partner for the implementation of the action TEAM PLAYER, school sports and movement education. Purpose – the financial means are thing bound and to devices for children Athletics as well as balls or other material resources are invested exclusively in the acquisition of equipment, such as leisure and sports equipment, psychomotor training devices. In addition sponsorships between the selected winning schools will be” the LandJuwel partners, as well as the elite schools of sport in Berlin closed for sustainable cooperation, E.g. for joint action in the schools on the subject of diet and exercise. Kick-off which was action 2009 meet deadline of the application under Templates was the February 9 March 31, 2009.

Already in the spring of 2008 the action TEAM PLAYER of the LandJuwel partner in Berlin & Brandenburg in cooperation with the LSB-Berlin was carried out successfully. Twenty lucky winners faced at the end of nearly 200 applications from Berlin sports clubs, which are enjoyed over a total of 10.000,-euros. The LandJuwel group of Berlin-Brandenburg – that are currently 17 traditional family farms of butchers craft with 23 branches distributed in Berlin and Brandenburg, which is the LandJuwel “brand meat program have connected. Contact & accreditation under: LandJuwel Berlin-Brandenburg group Jens Zander public relations Tel.: 030 39 73 10 91 radio: 0179 760 12 91 may: more information on LandJuwel under

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