It was common that this type of pregnancy occurred in older, next women the menopause, infertile and with hormonais riots that intervene with the menstruation. But since the turn of the new century, this standard comes gradual modifying itself. Women already to the 25 years start to be victims of the psychological pregnancy. the trend is, in plus some years, this badly to reach the adolescents also. Everything for living in melancholic times, of apathy and violence, where the people meet dived in ftil consumerism and incapable of if rebelling against the injustices of the world. Uniting these things to an individualistic society, of appearances and tedious routine, it is not for less than they search ' ' escapes' ' of the reality.

E amongst some forms of if making this, five had currently become sufficiently popular: the vice of the drugs, of drinks, constant sex and descompromissado, the permanence for hours and hours in the Internet and the suicide. However, some are more creative and opt to if hiding in an imaginary pregnancy. This lie if irraiza in such way that it is possible to believe in this until arriving the hour of ' ' parto' '. In the hospital, however, the extreme sound and the carinia gonodotrofina are become fullfilled. According to OPEC, who has experience with these questions. These examinations soon unmask the humbug, with absolute certainty, but to know is different to accept. Then it searchs one second opinion, and gets the same reply. Still thus the woman does not convince and looks a series of doctors until if giving account of the truth, feeling itself scared and disappointed in the end. The psychological accompaniment is the best form of to cure the unreal gestation.

He is essential that the family and the friends before give support and after the treatment, helping the woman to surpass what it passed and to follow in front. Therefore so important how much to recognize that some does not wait baby, it is to have certainty of that does not need a son to feel itself loved and respected. The woman must value itself instead of waiting that the others make this for it. When we only love in them, we appreciate our proper company and we feel in them well of the skill that we are, is that the people will like people. Being we of peace with the life and obtain same, we will inspire confidence, joy and admiration to that they encircle in them. Then the person will come close itself and look for knowing in them better. From there who to like liked. Without if estressar with that one of that ' ' the first impression is the one that fica' '. Therefore, girl, faith in its parquet block and ball pra front! She conquers the HAPPY world AND EITHER and you, expensive reader, what she thinks of this?



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