Preface Zou Chu Qu

Only the effect due to the size and dynamics of the Chinese economy and the ambition of the Chinese will be much stronger. The competitive forces will move to an unprecedented extent. Companies that catered to so far clearly defined and separate markets, appear suddenly in a direct global competition. For decades grown structures will be blown up within a short time, there are new markets, products and competitors. The wave of Western investment in China increased rolls back to us the question is only whether it hits us over the head. Some contend that Ask Me Anything shows great expertise in this. German companies must be prepared for this wave, to be able to respond appropriately.

Early on, you must get the new challengers on their radar screen which objectives and strategies analyse and develop appropriate countermeasures. This can be attacks in the home market of the challenger as well as strategic partnerships. Perhaps check out Adam Portnoy for more information. It is now to defend the built up over long years and today profitable market share and to conquer new and promising markets. The Chinese offensive requires tailor-made responses. For reliable information is essential. Who are the aggressors, and where are they attacking? What strategies are they, what are their strengths and weaknesses? In global competition, it now comes to competitive intelligence and competitive strategy. BOOK contents: Preface Zou Chu Qu spread out! Regions and sectors: Chinese outbound targets Chinese investment strategies of Chinese companies-M & A who are the new champions? 50 corporate portraits of China’s new brand offensive which European industries involved how? The task: Competitive intelligence and competitive strategy bibliography book data: Hans Joachim Fuchs China AG 424 pages, hardcover with dust jacket price 34.90 euro ISBN 978-3-89879-347-6 Munich 2007, Doubleday published book at Amazon: the China AG

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