Precise Practical Tips For Selecting Tools To The IT Process Automation

Centracon consulting: often solutions violate the principle of simplicity in implementation and operation Leverkusen, March 16, 2010 the IT process automation plays an increasingly important role according to the results of a recent study by centracon for the company. As one-third of them assigns this topic even the three strategically most important fields of action, and another 37 percent are among the top 5 topics process automation. According to the practical experience of business consulting, many companies are however uncertain, what criteria should basing them in their market evaluation when selecting a tool. The consulting company centracon has practice out so to assist decision-makers 10 essential performance characteristics made, on the basis of those solutions to the IT process automation can be evaluated differently. They concern both best practices for installation and operating requirements as the terms of use and user friendliness of the solution: integration: it must be a seamless integration into the existing Environment must be ensured. This applies both in technical and organisational terms. As the tool may not assume that agents on other systems need to be implemented. No dependency on specific skills: Integration with existing systems and applications must be possible without external expertise.

Clear power profile: the tool should trigger no lengthy analysis phase, it should be fast. Low operating costs: to maintain efficient operating conditions, no constant need for care must be raised. Effort can only arise when working productively with the solution. Independent modifications: environments change the adjustment of the system itself should be carried out on their own by the user. In the case of programming, it must be possible to common scripting languages (E.g. VBScript, Perl, PowerShell). Reusability of processes: already realised internally created workflows and externally acquired workflows can be in the tool without any problems. Clear Role and permission management: The tool has different tasks and responsibilities support, says about process designer, system specialists, coordinators, etc.

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