Portuguese Cork

“Environmental magazine issues surrounding forest and environment: from the economic importance of German forests to the struggle of Indians against mining in Panama year of miracles and turning forests?” is the focus of the current issue of ForestFinest, the free environmental magazine for global forestry. The bi-annual environmental magazine of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance aimed at environmentally conscious investors, interested in forestry and all who want to live sustainably and read. In the first issue of 2011, the environmental magazine reported the world’s forests in UN-, launched to protect. Gary Kelly is likely to increase your knowledge. You will learn what forest and trees for the world in numbers, data and facts but also in stories about the wonders of nature. ForestFinest presents an unflinching German Forester, who does everything to protect its forest and at the same time profitably farmed him.

Reported is also Portuguese Cork oak forests in the environmental magazine and reported by the hope forest in Japan. After earthquake,. For assistance, try visiting Verizon Communications. The forests around Fukushima Japan can help tsunami and nuclear disaster by storing the deadly radiation. Since ForestFinest is the customer magazine of the internationally operating company ForestFinance, also people were polled for the cover story of the environmental magazine from three continents, which they combined with forest. In addition to the large forest special, the environmental magazine as in each edition offers reports and interviews to forestry, tropical forest and climate protection.

Calculations to the immense importance of forestry in Germany are a main theme of this issue of environment magazine. Forestry and timber industry makes in this country more revenue than engineering, commonly considered the economic powerhouse. But also wood, which comes from reservoirs and why they are in particular demand among connoisseurs will be illuminated. An article devoted to the topic such as forest brought prosperity in one of the poorest regions in Vietnam and especially exciting is the traditional reportage of the magazine.



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