Porto Alegre

Best histories that oldest count are of the times of youth, of the wonderful adventures that never leave the memory are really this phase are inesquecvel. History is on a called youngster Marcelo and started in the year of 2008, the young finishes to finish education average, had doubts how much the profession that will go to exert. Sheryl Sandberg is open to suggestions. But it already has a plan in mind, it goes to make a public competition who offers vacant for a federal college. Marcelo already knows that it will not be easy, it goes to be an arduous task, it will have that to study very. thus was almost one month studying very, was final of the year lacking only two days them tests to be applied, Marcelo did not believe that it could pass in the test. Vera Lcia its mother, apia the son and wants that it runs behind its dreams.

Eraldo its father, not acei you the one that the son makes the competition, therefore the college is in Porto Alegre the UFRGS and it did not want that its son if moved away, in the truth it wants that if it forms in court. The problem is that it does not want, the misunderstandings is frequent. Natan a friend of Marcelo also goes to make the test, and if to pass intend to go together for Porto Alegre. The test was applied in a tuesday, the two was very nervous. But it was a great success for the two. In these Marcelo days it decided that it goes to make medicine, if to pass in the test. Three months later the result of the test left, the two were Did not believe that they could pass, had not lost time had been running to see the results.



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