Poll: Investors See Positive Development Of DAX

Skeptical mood still felt the stock market year 2010 has mid-term. At the beginning of the year recorded the Dax just above the psychologically important mark of 6000 meters. After that was the brand again, and exceeded. The Exchange Portal boersennews.de asked its investors, therefore, how they classify the current developments on the financial market or what career they 2010 forecast the Dax for the second half of the year. “The concrete question of the survey was: where do you see the Dax end of 2010?” The evaluation of the vote suggests generally an optimistic assessment of trends within the German stock market: 36 percent predicted a level of 6000 to 6500 points the Dax at the end of the year. 26 percent of the signaled saw a score of 6500 to 7000 in their forecast and expected at least ten percent of the vote with a year-end of over 7000 points. However, 29 per cent saw the Dax to the end of the year less than 6000 points.

This can be a significant scepticism with regard to the despite of the positive tenor of the basic realize economic development. In September 2008 the stock market barometer experienced a dramatic collapse of us Investment Bank Lehman Brothers after the collapse, the shares of many companies rustled in the basement. The Dax slipped in March 2009 to 3600 points, but recovered again significantly until the end of 2009. The economic Valley seems so bottomed out, nonetheless remain doubts as regards the sustainability. Stock market experts speak in this context by a possible economy of corrugated iron”, because the cyclical upturn compared to current labour market developments and the current debt. More information:… / where-is-the-dax-end… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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