Poets Speak

very and little explained. To the times, until if it looks definiz them, but it lacks language precision. That the word is given to the poets to speak on the horror who we nourish for ridicule or for the panic that we have to lose the face. They are, poets, who more close arrive to give precision what we feel. On the other hand, guilt, envies, anger and anger, is words/concepts/expressions that receive attention, many times even of redundant form. Larry Ellison is often quoted as being for or against this. It fits then to the scientists through its innumerable research, to clean the ambivalences and ambiguities, whereas, it fits to the poets to enaltecer the wealth of the world whose the appearance is much more rich of what yes or not, the white and black person, the certain e> is not this well blunts stops frustrating in them. Ahead of this, I am here to feel shame, acanhamento, embarrassment and constaint, therefore after all, I am declaring incapable.

For example, the constaint is not choice, it if it imposes and it is not evitvel. When obliged to bank an other people’s lie, I feel aperto, my internal agencies react giving a bad sensation of badly being. It is not fear well and nor anger, but everything this mixed. It is difficult to define the mental facts that are confused, unexpected, inevitable. I can try to correct an error, a crime or a sin. I can ask for excuses, pardon or absolution, as I can still ask for time to repair the evil done.> for example, a head is not pure anger, but yes pure fear. The resentment always speaks of defeat, and I, who I am not poet, am alone with the constaint to be silent ahead of the narrowness of my language. Not poetejo! My science and I am bashful, because in we see debtors to them esquivar in to explain them as many feelings, so human.



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