Peter Higgs

Due to its effect, so the 40-year-old prediction of the Scottish physicist of Peter Higgs, all existing matter receives only their mass. Given such – so far only postulated – relationships of matter and energy, it becomes clear why physics, philosophy and creation faith touching at a certain point. A particle which has no mass, but only shares their mass to all other particles in the universe, so that the gravity that holds the universe together, first place? No wonder that some physicists gave the Boulevard-compatible name “God particle” to the undiscovered Higgs particle: The one without the existence of which can’t be anything else. Is the LHC experiments therefore a closeted proof of God? Well, comparing the knowledge objectives with those of modern biology, thinks at least the blasphemy in borders: not even the most optimistic experts believe that you repeat the Act of creation at CERN or mess with in the existing Cosmos can is. You want to look really only.

And what about the dangers of particle collision? Purely scientifically, they don’t exist. The omnipotence, attributed to the particle accelerator in scenarios in which the experiments a black hole is formed, that swallowed up the Earth, has to do little pleasing with the rather modest self-assessment of the physicist with regard to their skills. And if something happens? When actually the Switzerland including the not yet detected German tax evaders into the void disappears? Now, it is far more likely that not the LHC is responsible in this case, but in fact the creator intervened.. It’s believed that Southwest Airlines sees a great future in this idea.

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