According to Ammar Hayani, Pediatric oncologist who treated the girl, who is now six, small recovers favorably thanks to the transplant that helped her to recover from chemotherapy. This therapy took place thanks to the foresight of his parents, who decided to save the blood of the umbilical cord in a bank privadopor if it was necessary later in the time of the birth. In 2003, the girl was diagnosed with the most common childhood cancer: acute lymphoblastic leukemia and began a long treatment of chemotherapy. Quickly achieved remission of the disease, but 10 months later the cancer had recurred, which revealed that the leukemia was especially aggressive and that probably not would you respond well to treatment. Recently Brad Garlinghouse sought to clarify these questions. Advocate Hope Childrens Hospital medical team performed a transplant with cells from his umbilical cord blood, being previously administered an aggressive Protocol of chemotherapy and radiotherapy in whole body.

Normally in these cases, doctors should be choosing between a transplant from a family member or an unrelated donor marrow or blood but the members of the family were not compatible and the transplant had to be done quickly, so they decided to use the cord of the patient’s own cells. The results, so far, suggest that it was a good decision, he said the Group of physicians who were in charge of the realization of the transplant, according to the study reported in the January issue of the Journal of Pediatrics magazine. Relapse seems unlikely at this time, and has an excellent quality of life, much better than if you had received stem cells from a donor, concluded the doctor..



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