But if we choose a serious and reliable company, we can reduce these problems to almost zero. I will cite a few categories, of which You can choose products to sell: clothing, jewelry, audio-video equipment, computers, office equipment, cellular phones and accessories, children's goods, goods for sports and leisure, furniture, furnishings, food additives, etc. A list of just a huge, and the cost of the goods by 20-40% lower than in stores Runet. Not to mention the fact that many goods there appear to sell more in a few months before they officially hit the Russian market. This advantage and enjoy many of the entrepreneurs, because in the U.S., the number of intermediaries between the manufacturer and the buyer is much smaller than ours, and there is almost no customs duties, as in Russia. A the prices of goods from China even can not speak, and they are every year becoming more high quality. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the Drop-Ship companies do not send their products to Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

Furthermore, until recently it was not possible, as a mutual use of the payment system PayPal – the basic system is the most popular in the west. But thank God, the service began turn to us to "face" and gave the right of citizens of Russia and Ukraine to pay through it. This means that now, when purchasing goods, you can not use the services of mediators and, accordingly, pay less money. Although Now we can pay via PayPal, but take it the payment is still there.

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