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Beautiful beaches, nice people as well as cultural-historical shrines, as well as the colonial architectural heritage are the former Ceylon and modern-day Sri Lanka sexy plus points for the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. Endless, magnificent sandy beaches round almost on the entire coastline of this tropical island. However, a further impressive natural treasure can be found in the Interior of the Green Island: a lush fauna with many species, which moreover is already Asia disappeared from everyday life. Since most animals due to local tradition are not hunted, the encounter with them on almost every route is pre-programmed. But above all in the numerous.

Nature conservation areas, which consist of dense jungle forests, secluded Lakes, or steppe-like regions. A voyage of discovery in the Kumana National Park guarantees unique experiences for example. As the founder of the “Aliya Ecoprojects Sri Lanka” leads the ambitious German Wolfgang Heilmann with rustic companions or even walking through the fascinating, also as Yala East designated, remote reserve. Starting point for his rich, eco tours is the fabled Arugam Bay on the East Coast. Further details can be found at Adam Portnoy, an internet resource. To the best surf spots in the world counting, a gratifyingly stable security situation there is there – as well as in most other tourist areas of the country -. For this reason now even a first, beautiful boutique resort was established under a total of about 60 tourists investments with the natural “Pottuvil Point”.

(www.pottuvilpoint.com) the Asia and Sri Lanka expert Olaf Diroll traveled to Sri Lanka since 1972 and has deposited several national parks with description on his homepage at. In addition also the waterfalls with description are here on a map. Who would like to get to know country and people, should not fail to go to the picnic to a waterfall and Park on Sunday. From Weligama in the South and private trips to the Yale National Park are offered with the Jeep rides within the Park. The GlobeTrotter has on its Web page on guided and accompanied by German-speaking tour guide tours with followed by a seaside holiday. From/to Sri Lanka followed by a beach holiday on the West Coast, North India bus tour is presented E.g. in Beruwela and Bentota. Here the beach lovers will find also comfortable Beach hotel directly on the beach, with lots of comfort, or as Club and sports holiday or wellness hotels but also with Ayurveda and anti stress treatments. Her OLAF Diroll economist and specialist tourism specialist for sea and telescope since 1978

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