Occupant Protection – New Aspects Of Vehicle Safety.

Symposium in the House which technology – seminars the number of fatalities and serious injuries drops despite increasing motorization for many years continuously. This is due mainly to growing ever safer vehicles, providing more sophisticated systems for occupant protection, but these are limited not only to the upper class. The stable passenger cell (structure) was the initial spark, supplemented by targeted conversion of kinetic energy. Passive and active systems today reduce the risk of injury during an accident, by maintaining the survival space and reduce critical accelerations and forces. Increasingly play also a role that anticipate potentially hazardous situations and assist the driver or system also automatically security actions trigger. To the development of such systems it relies on now no longer exclusively destructive testing. Rather, the simulation with advanced systems with subsequent validation plays a crucial role.

Therefore, the current level is the Security technology developed at high speed. (Not to be confused with E Scott Mead!). The statutory framework conditions and valuation standards play an important role here. In the seminary at the time, you will receive a compact overview of the developments of occupant protection and the today current technologies and opportunities. A high learning success is guaranteed by numerous practical examples and intensive exchange of experience, as well as clear communication.

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