Notice Noon

The formula ' ' healthful repetition dialectic real' ' , gift in editions of ' ' reporter CBN' ' , transfigura it the noon, when, in running of few minutes, a notice arrives to happen again itself for four vezs: in ' ' reporter CBN' ' , in the commentaries of the Anchor, ' ' manchetes' ' in ' ' reportagens' '. If not yet it will be contaminated, the listener will find odd that one overdose informative e, with much calm, will verify the following one: 1) that, in ' ' reporter CBN' ' , of stocking in half hour, the repetitions, it has when them, are estribam in a real dialectic, structuralized in filantrpicas sensations of the editor, who repeats the notice, imagining the possibility of the listener to have lost the edition previous, or convinced of that the repetition will be educative; 2) that, thus nourished, the repetitions of ' ' reporter CBN' ' they credenciam it the reward of healthful repetitions; 3) that, however, to the noon, as Cinderela to the midnight, the repetitions in the CBN they move of aspect. Still they house a dialectic. Still they count a history. But already they were distanciam of the cosmic effectiveness, of the concretude sedimentary of the existence. With effect, to repeat the same notice for four times in running of few minutes, let us agree, is situated near the border of the domnios of the fancy, pantomima or the simulation; 4) that, to the noon, the repetitions in the CBN ignore the material dimension of the world, of which the listener participates, and neglect the natural aversion of the human being for the swells, plethoras and intumescncias; 5) that, to the noon, the repetitions in the CBN are structuralized not more in function of the listener, but to the flavor of one virtual dialectic, that is, to the feio of the possibilities.

The repetitions of the noon in the CBN they happen for the only singela reason of that they are possible to happen. Possible to happen, because spaces exist that they need to be busy, exactly the virtual spaces of the Anchor, ' ' manchetes' ' of ' ' reportagens' '. I go to stop this way. Start to worry me about the listener who, to these heights, with joust reason, must be terrified. After all the triumph of the representations on the reality is the catastrophe of the times after-modern. Before removing, however, I give me to it a last advice: to the noon, it binds radio it hears only ' ' reporter CBN' '. The remaining portion disdains. It pays in the same currency.



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