Northern Cyprus

Many of our clients, coming to Northern Cyprus, "lost" in the names of property in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We decided to write about the different types of residential premises, which you can find in the selection process Property in Northern Cyprus. It is these types of properties you can see on our website of the independent registered agency in North Cyprus – Alliance Estate – Bungalow: Bungalow – a type of home, having a different meaning values in each country. Common characteristics of these definitions describe the bungalow as a one-story house, with lots of porches or terraces. The word "occurred in India, where the" Bangla "were small single-storey houses with thatched roofs and wide verandas. The word "bungalow" was first used in English in 1696, when British sailors described the Indian home. Later, the bungalows were built more ambitious and began to be known in England and America in the nineteenth century, as exotic and luxurious houses that were built in suburban areas – vacation homes for the rest.

After World War I, a bungalow became popular in Australia. Today in the bungalow Britain and North America, is a house, or single-deck or under a roof slope on the second floor where there is little room or utility room. North Cyprus has become kind of one-story bungalow home, its roof is a terrace. Access to the terrace is located in the home or on the stairs outside the house. Also, on the first floor of the house are terraces, usually with the traditional Mediterranean arches. Bungalow typically has from 2 to 5 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathrooms. Construction of bungalow is usually more expensive than building a conventional home because it is larger than the area of the basement and roof. Villa: Villa first appeared in ancient Rome, as country homes for the wealthy elite.

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