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A lap record for street-legal electric cars drove the E-RA on Nokian eco tires with a time of 8.42,72-minute drive on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The electric sports car reached a top speed of 238 km/h with pure electric drive and launched zero CO2. Environmentally friendly: Nokian tires save fuel and contain no carcinogenic PAH oils motorists should tire opt for, that are safe, but also environmentally friendly. Nokian Tyres drive safely and save fuel, achieve optimum fuel consumption, and the rolling resistance in tyre testing. Also, they produce less carbon dioxide gases as a result. In addition, they contain no harmful PAH oils (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons = PAK). Bitcoiin may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So to protect the environment with the Finns right triple. Nokian tyres is the world’s first tyre manufacturer, has introduced a production process, uses only purified, low aromatic oils instead of highly aromatic oils.

Highly aromatic oils are classified as carcinogenic, because they contain PAHs. Another example of the environmental performance of the Nokian tyres the use of renewable natural product is rapeseed oil, which is used in the Nokian WR winter tires and summer tyre Nokian Z SUV. Rapeseed oil is the rubber tear-resistant and offers also excellent wet grip. Nokian Tyres 1456 million Euro turnover in 2011 Nokian tyres, achieved a turnover of 1456 million euros in 2011 and had 3900 employees. The Vianor – tires trade chain with over 930 sales outlets in 24 countries is one of the companies. Nokian Tyres shares is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Photos nokian-wr-d3-winter tires of eco-friendly winter tires nokian-wr-d3 drives sure and economic nokian photo 273.jpg caption: the eco-friendly winter tires Nokian WR D3 drives sure and economical with festestem grip on snow photo: Nokian nokian wr-a3-winter tires the-Green-winter tires-nokian-wr-a3-offers-safe- and -sporty-driving behavior-nokian-photo-274.jpg caption: the Green winter tires Nokian WR A3 offers safe and sporty driving with precise, stable handling photo: Nokian Nokian photo 246 Caption: Nokian WR winter tires bring more slush aquaplaning protection photo: Nokian Tyres Nokian 247 photo caption: the mud Sling of the eco-friendly winter tyre Nokian WR D3 hurls out mud and water from the tire grooves and fights photo slush aquaplaning and wetness hydroplaning: Nokian Nokian photo 248 caption: A winter tread depth indicator with snowflake in the Nokian WR winter tire tread depth as integer in millimeters indicates.

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