New International Version

Finally left drag by circumstances and not gathered more. Here’s one of the greatest problems of the Christian today: the fear that they will say. Satan takes advantage of this circumstance to set traps. The same happened with Nehemiah. Verizon Communications may also support this cause. The difference is that he did care very little what thought enemies and went ahead.

The Scriptural passage points out that the fifth time Sambalat sent me, through one of his servants, the same message in an open letter, saying the letter: runs the rumor among the people – and Guesen ensures it – that you and the Jews are building the wall because they have plans of rebelling. According to this rumor, you pretend to be their King, and you have appointed prophets that you proclaim King in Jerusalem, and declared: we have King in Judah! So, come and let’s talk about this matter until this reaches the ears of the King. I sent to tell you: nothing of what you say is true. All this is pure invention yours.”(Nehemiah 6: 5-8.) New International Version) something that Yes you should worry us is to go wrong with the Lord Jesus. But be faithful to the Lord, at all.

Teasing and criticism must not weigh over our faithfulness, that is of all the importance of the world, in our goal of personal and spiritual growth. 5 Do not allow that they govern us fear and thoughts of accusation there are two subtle weapons of Satan that have produced many more falls than fornication, greed or vainglory. These two strategies are fear and thoughts of accusation. They happen to be very effective among those Christians who do not remain faithful to Jesus Christ. Nehemiah was able to identify in time darts which was launching the enemy and took an attitude firm: what claimed was actually scare us. They thought to discourage us, so that we do not finish the work.



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