New Image Market

Together strengthen the picture market! How? By image selling at fair terms and conditions. is the new media image market, where supply and demand meet. Check with Coupang to learn more. On PiXMARKET can our image providers upload their images, which can be licensed from the viewfinder. The image search is about different ways possible, as according to provider, price, date, categories (sports, news, stock, icon, etc.) and more. Our launch offer: 3 months no setup fee! Find out for yourself. The setup fees amounting to 250 accounts for up to 31 March. How does it work? Our image providers can download their material independently on our platform. While the image provider determines which photo in which category should be presented.

Our categories include news, press, events and some more. The provider loads his material in the desired category E.g. news, sport, symbol, food and can replace them with others at any time, delete or in another category move. The viewfinder looks the desired motif, specifies its use and will download the photo. At the same time sent a mail to use the viewfinder and the provider. What sets us apart: quality. It can be found only high quality material on

Our selection criteria ensure that only the best artists are included. Before it comes to a collaboration with a provider, check the stock on the most accurate. Only if the selection is successful, the cooperation can start. Editorial quality control. Each photo is spotted by the editorial staff. Photographs which do not meet our criteria, are not displayed. Our selection criteria are the quality, resolution, and the artistic expressiveness. Up-to-date and clearly laid out. Each image provider may offer maximum 5 000 photos and can replace unlimited, anytime by others. Thus, the photos that are not in demand, can be replaced or adapted to the current requests there. Thus, our offer is always clear, up-to-date and unique. What is special is that the maximum number of images also the weak volume provider offers same marketing opportunities. Supply and demand. Efficient marketing week report, which informs about current searches, statistics, market information, tips of the Pixmarket editorial staff and image’s opinions we will send our image providers. The weekly report is a great help in the marketing of the image. Terms and conditions. The material is offered to the terms and conditions of the provider and published. These are visible in each photo preview as a PDF. Simple handling. To find. Define usage. Download. Free of charge. Don’t fall for the viewfinder login and download charges. Prices. 500 photos can be presented for 80 a month. Contact: Mr. Dan Ibrahim



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