New Duplicate

To add, you must click the 'Add accrual for bonuses' and fill in the form Edit Accrual for bonuses. Number and name of the duplicate calculation must match exactly to the type of calculation, which is duplicated. The ID of the duplicate calculation it is necessary to introduce a new, different from ID of the primary calculation. To do this, use the button "Select ID". On the form that appears, view the dates in a standard way of calculation adds a new identifier for the duplicate calculation. The ID and enter the formula to calculate according to the rules of their formation using the system variable category 'supplement to the middle. " To display the duplicates of calculation used in calculating the surcharge to medium, is a button 'Show accrual for bonuses.

" All types of charges used in calculating the surcharge to the average will be displayed on a blue background. Adjustment of accrual of such species is the standard way. Duplicates of accruals will be used in the calculation as follows: before calculating charges (sub menu Accruals accounting officers) need to call the action 'accruals Form Fee for 'out of the action group' New charges on primary documents. " By this action upon detection of the report card time employee with sign up bonuses in the middle accruals employee automatically add all available in the algorithm of calculation of the calculation for duplicate surcharges to medium. Each copy will then be calculated from its formula set out in its identifier, in accordance with the time spent employee bonuses to sign up to the mean.

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