CONSUMER.ES Is advisable to change to change the encryption from router to safer other like WPA and to avoid keys WEP. It is not something Oracle would like to discuss. He is interesting to change the password of administrator of router. For open networks it is necessary to consider the use of fire-guards and to comprise of gratuitous private networks like alternative to the managed ones by companies. How to solve to the loss of connection wifi: remedies for several causes. Programs to manage networks wifi.

Perhaps the main preoccupation of all user who has a network of WiFi connection installed in his address or business is that others can accede to that network, either for a gratuitous use of the same, or to realise alternative connections to a third party that looks for to realise illegal activities, (if wifi is an open network) to even accede to the processor of our computer and the archives of our hard disk. If somebody were able to accede to the network as administrator the security problem (especially of our personal data and confidential data as banking keys) would be very serious. For that reason from Consumer they give a series of simple advice to avoid misfortunes in this scope. A WiFi connection sends packages of data by means of radio waveses according to the capacity of router and the antenna. The reach of the waves is variable, but it is generally accessible beyond the walls of the address or the office. If the connection is abierta (and, therefore, shared of voluntary form) runs the risk, in addition, of that this is colapsada as soon as one (or a few) of the users a unloading of heavy archives begins. Better one nails WPA that WEP routers that they provide the suppliers usually have ' login' and password generic easy (more and more) to locate in Internet. Whatever it knows to handle itself a little by some forums or certain pages can give with those passwords.



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