National Week Of 24 Liturgy

Responsible animation-team the group must have a responsible for its operation, generally corresponds to the parish priest, and in the event that you can not directly assume this responsibility can be delegated to a person, can be a deacon or another person. When the pastor delegate, it is necessary that on certain occasions, becomes present in some team meetings, to recognize their work, encourage, stimulate, but also receives the information of how to work, difficulties have, etc. What is the mood of the person in charge? You must have certain characteristics: first-a maturing in the faith, which will give testimony of their Christian life, and encourage the group to live the faith, and has express above all when they exercise any function in the celebration. Second.-having a capacity of relationship and host, Seib and delivery, and a great sensitivity. Third.-be a real Entertainer of the animators. Functions-addition of Manager or Coordinator, must assume certain functions for the smooth running of the group. Summon Members animation, according to the schedule previously approved equipment.

Preparing and chairing the meetings, giving rhythm to the meeting and boost, according to the method that has been accepted by the group, conduct meetings trying to reign the dialogue, charity, and mutual respect. Ensure the fulfilment of the responsibilities entrusted to each of the members, your you will be 10.00 am mass reader but person, until noon that does not rise (laughs) do that there is a responsibility, prosecute and channel initiatives, but always they are in conformity with the liturgical spirit, and to serve to you well spiritual communityIt encourages and promotes the biblical, theological, and liturgical formation of the group. If it is a delegate of the pastor makes bridge between the computer and the pastor, to inform you of progress, even that is the representative of the group in the pastoral Council of the parish.



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