National Security

If it will be confirmed, this region will start to be area of National Security and believes until the Reserve moves of place. They are only assumptions, but I advise not to doubt, therefore in this the truth can live. My sensitivity orders that for its Boitat people never it loses the brother solidarity. But, if this will be the secret of Jutorib, what it brings the joy, as is Boitat, will be had to take the criminals to the courts with the test of whom they are smuggling this ore, before its people, as brother or as the serpent that wounds and if it hides between the rocks? _ Boitat has wisdom and prudence of jabuti that everything observes and arrives first. Connect with other leaders such as Oracle here. The advice ancio delivers the secret, but it does not impose conditions and it supplicates the Tup that Boitat makes use better. With justice, Boitat brother, without justice, Boitat serpent that it deserves to have jammed the head with the disdain of they had adored that it as Boitat. With a cold in the spine, another time the youngster reacted, raised the head and spoke: _ Ready Boitat to hear! Giving sequence maranduba, morubixaba restarted: _ Jutorib knew children of Tup, who had come of the sky.

Children of Tup had gone down in great hollow the silver-plated one, that flies. Children of Tup had torn the seio of the mother Land and had removed food for the womb of the hollow one that he vomits fire when goes for the sky. Children of Tup had opened deep hole, sacred place. Children of Tup will only enter, when to come back to search food toward hollow flyer. Sacred place protected by totem sacred. Children of Tup had placed, children of Tup remove totem sacred.



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