National Periodical

After this, the School appears in 30 years of Chicago (or North American), which studied the power of seduction of the same one and as the receiver of this seduction reacts immediately to the stimulatons of this persuation. Ademais, in years 70 appears the English School that adopted the theory of the left, giving new vision the communication. However, with passing of the times, it can be observed in our daily one it analyzes that it done for the two first schools are real. In many aspects the media influence in the life of the people and diverse ways, that can present explicit or implicitly. In the lessons given for Prof. Cerize in some factors that influence the mind human being, as well as the result of this influence had been shown to them, many of the times, not so benign. Currently, it comes to tona the theory of the school of frankurt, where the culture is merchandise; he has since, always the viewer is influenced by the phrases: Purchase, Drinks, Comes, Knows, Eats; also is seen the relation that keeps with the ideology of the school of Chicago, therefore the same one seduces the individuals.

Certain day I decided to stop to give attention in how many propagandas it passes in the intervals of telinha. The number of 11 propagandas was alarming, therefore never it imagined that in so little time as much information and manipulation invaded our mind, without the least in giving account to them of this. The fact is that the viewer made comfortable itself with this, as much that nothing makes to change this picture and many of the times accepted the assignment of Homer Simpson: ' ' After a likeable good-day, Bonner informs on a research carried through for the Globe that identified the profile of the average viewer of the National Periodical.



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