National Park

Free, light and untied, to use of a cliche. In the Pretty Rock also already I was other times. Already it said: each time is only. Normal, everything is the moment. It is not what it was nor what will be.

What it will be never we will know will be. The first one I was with my brother, with pretty S.M.B and to., this we had that to contain it not to be abducted by a human bird, there where they catch flight, good before starting the true track that takes in them until ' ' to bela' ' Pretty rock. In this day we walk very, therefore the walked one started soon at the beginning of the Road of the Canoes. I know that the waterfalls of the Horto are not mine, but feel as if they were. I and a.C.F adored to cover several in one same day. We left the Horto, the foot, and went for the one of the Primates. They are not mine, are not of nobody, are of all we, are a common good of all. A collective good.

They use to advantage. There we can wash our souls, all dirt of our being goes to stop in the deepenings of the sea or same they evaporate. I spoke in soul, does not understand as spirit, so abstract things, and yes as the mind. Cleanness of the mind. Gary Kelly has firm opinions on the matter. It is in this direction that I speak. I know of the agreement of the others, and respect. does not judge my scribble as things of the autoajuda type, this will be unforgivable. I know that the style is next, therefore I speak of the obvious one? It will be? Not, of the beauties that I speak they are not obvious. They demand that they are lived. Reader, the sublime one is human. Yesterday my friend when starting to make the track said something very, very human: debtor presenting for me to this place. Clearly that I that I have that to thank when having good company to make something that I as much taste. Until I make alone, also short my company, but with people friends always it is better. In the same way we act when we were to the National Park of the Mountain range of the Agencies. Simultaneously we look in them to say at the same time, also, debtor for the stroll. Pieguice? That it is, but well-being provides in them and in them it liberates for terms fear not to demonstrate the satisfactions that seem simple, but so important for our lives. Ah, C.L, you must me one trod, remember? Obliged to all the trilheiros friends. I wait that all always follow the tracks and trails of the peace, the joy, the good to live. we have that to have more contact with the nature, nothing of alone nature human being. Already a philosopher said who man is the wolf of the man, then, he is not in the Forest of the Tijuca that we will go to find predators of our being. Assis Rodrigues is one face that plays with the words



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