National Park

How to move me in Tenerife can do on organized tours or in the bus – transport public though without a doubt, a good holiday in Tenerife require the rental of vehicles to cross it and take at least one overview of the many attractions offered by the island among its varied and contrasting landscapes and terrain. The island has a good network of roads, prearranged through the highway of the South and the North Highway, which depart from the metropolitan area into zones North and South respectively; so movements are fast and you approach your objective turi? ticos without delay. These two motorways are connected through the interconnection North-South highway also on the outskirts of the metropolitan area. In order to visit the less popular tourist attractions, you’ll use on local roads small occasions and until roads, especially to access some enclaves on the coast, but nothing especially complicated, and that will undoubtedly contribute to give more flavor to your trip. Places of interest in Tenerife Tenerife attractions are countless, but in any case should not miss: * in Santa Cruz, the capital, runs through walking the historic and commercial centre. There are many squares, pedestrian spaces and comfortable terraces to the air. Go shopping by their abundant and original shops and also visit the Auditorio de Tenerife, a masterpiece of modern architecture. ** The historical helmet of San Cristobal de La Laguna, nine kilometres by motorway from puerto de Santa Cruz, keeps alive the spirit of the history of Tenerife.

It was the first capital of the island of Tenerife and is part of the cities patrimony of humanity by the UNESCO catalogue. Laguna concentrates its valuable historical heritage. Essential the Cathedral, the teatro Leal and the Church of La Concepcion, whose Tower is a symbol of this city. * National Park of Teide: is the geographical centre of the island. From Santa Cruz or La Laguna, the best choice is the TF-24 Highway, which passes through the zone of La Esperanza, in the municipality of El Rosario. To the North of the island, the TF-21 part from La Orotava to Park, the most visited of course, it is possible to complete the tour with a climb to the Summit of Mount Teide, the highest peak in Spain.



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