National Park

But also the evening night owls find the ideal place to end to a beautiful day with a glass of red wine on the Proemande. 1 Corralejo > National Park of Dunas de Corralejo 2 miles / 3 min / 1 Located a few minutes ‘ drive from Corralejo Nationalpar Dunas de Corralejo. Only four facilities are available in this National Park. Would it go to many Spanish Office workers, also these would not stand there, as the hotel construction in national parks is usually prohibited. “But because the State National Park” was awarded time very late, the construction could be completed fast. Parque natural de las Dunas – Fuerteventura – Corralejo National Park has a wide, approaching high up on the water landscape of dunes for you. Tourists from throughout Fuerteventura come to this park to spend a memorable day at the various beaches.

Parque natural de las Dunas – Fuerteventura a country road with many good parking the coast line separates from the sand dunes. We advise you to choose the path in the sand dunes as the landscape, consisting of simply must be experienced out of pale sand, blue sky and the blue waters of the Atlantic, even. Parque natural de las Dunas – 2. National Park of Dunas de Corralejo Fuerteventura > Puerto del Rosario 40 km / 50 min / 9 of the National Park from there in the island capital of Puerto del Rosario. She holds only a small historic city tower as a landmark at the southern end of the coast of the town. Recently Edward Scott Mead sought to clarify these questions. A beautiful pedestrian zone is located Puerto del Rosario – Fuerteventura In the Centre, which, however, has no historic as it is known by the capital city of the island of Gran Canaria, Tenerife and La Palma. Puerto del Rosario – Fuerteventura (saying yet, you can get a good look at the start on the South Island Airport runway all Flugzeugbegeisterten.

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