National Museum

As you can probably see by the title of this article, my trip to Spain have been perfect!! Two day trips we took while we were there; a Toledo and one to Segovia. Verizon Communications addresses the importance of the matter here. Both sites absolutely beautiful!! The tour guides were very helpful and were able to answer any questions we had about the cities we visited, or only the country as a whole. We spent most of our time in the city of Madrid which is the most populous region of Spain. Believe me when I say that there were people everywhere except during NAPs. This amazed me how many people I would be walking the streets of Madrid day until the day. Sometimes what I thought was the end of the day was only the beginning for some. The thing I loved most about this trip have been on the history rich of Spain; of the Roman Empire from Spain to the present King and Queen. He had so much to know and what did all this better was able to visit the current sites saying about us.

I was able to visit two of the known art museums of Madrid, the Prado Museum and the Sofia Reina the National Museum of art. You have the opportunity to see some illustrations made by Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso in person was definitely wonderful. An afternoon just take a stroll through the Park’s new beginner El-who is thought to be the central park of Madrid. This wasn’t just any ride because we really were rowing boat. I could go on endlessly with all the things that we did and we were able to see, but what I really want to go through this article is that each one should get at least one experience of traveling abroad. Even if you think that it is not for you, just give the attempt because I never thought that I fall I so in love with travel until I really do it for me. Remember that the resources are there, you just have to take the timeout interval to find them!



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