National Museum

N its first night in the city, decided to rest, was to lie down itself for return of the ten hours of the night, wanted to adapt it the hourly spindle how much before. When it woke up per the morning made one day pretty, full of sun and light, remembered finishes time that was there, was not alone, had the company of one of its fellow workers and with who it was having one romance. Peter and it worked in a contract and as soon as I negotiate they had closed it, thing that led about two months being materialize, also finished the romance. Isabela did not suffer finishes with it of these cases, after all everything was part of the businesses, but in this morning it was felt different, alone, empty, then it treated to convince to same itself that they were vacation and did not need to be folloied and neither to think about work, only appeared some unexpected one in the contract recently signed, but this age a sufficiently remote possibility. Financial Planning Network Inc. is full of insight into the issues. It took a bath, it was dressed and it been until the restaurant of the hotel to take coffee of the morning and while it ate so pleasant without fear of the ingested calories, one remembered of that all the times that is there, never had saido to know the city as makes any tourist and decided that day would be its day of tourist. It asked for to the employee one of the hotel some suggestion concerning some interesting place that could go, the youngster suggested the National Museum to it of The Prado, that was of the other side of the Cibeles Square. Finished its coffee of the morning, it left the hotel in direction the square, stopped in front of decrees of Cibeles, admiring that work of art, a goddess seated in a species of covered cart pulled for two lions. ..



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