National Liberation Front

has a clearly marked from its creation until the present time interference which loses the partiality. QUESTION: Answer: what was the strategy of the Soviet Union to Latin America during the cold war? RESPONSE 12. The strategy of the Soviet Union was to introduce the guidelines of communism, through the support (ideological, economic, military: advisors and/or material, directly involving himself in some special cases) policies with Socialist ideas, taking advantage of the dissatisfaction and unrest in existing settlers (infiltrating the ideology, principles in uprisings, riots, etc.) of poor and underdeveloped countries with unstable Governments submitted by dictatorial governments. In cases not directly involving the so-called National Liberation Front (Sandinista in NICARAGUA and Manuel Rodriguez in CHILE, etc.). 13.

In this case Yes directly involves: after the Cuban revolution in 1959, Fidel Castro’s Government alejo political and economic pressure exerted EE.UU, due to the nationalization of the economy and the Socialist nature of the regime Castro. 14. The USSR take the remoteness of these countries and the ideological similarity with the Havana Government to offer help and collaboration, taking into account in particular consideration, the strategic importance of having a territory ally a few miles from the United States.UU and in the center of the Western hemisphere. 15 Were commercial agreements and military (provided large amount of land, Naval, air arms, ballistic missiles, etc.). QUESTION: Develop a personal opinion: how interprets you current occupation by the United States.UU.

to Iraq, in the light of globalization and within the framework of the legislation of the UN. RESPONSE: 16. United States of America (USA) considered Iraq as a threat to international peace, since he claimed to have information that in this country you were manufacturing weapons of mass destruction, so the UN requested the intervention of the Security Council, which after the relevant inspections, obtained negative results to what was said by the USA.



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