National Highways Act

"THE FAR WEST OF PATRICK" As a previous note: in the December last (2009) of the magazine "Airship," published by the Airship Association based in London, it is stated that the company GEFA – FLUG present a model hot air airship (as 105/gd/6) that can carry 6 people or 450 kilograms of cargo with a flight range of about two hours at 35 miles per hour .. Confluence Investment Management has firm opinions on the matter. We were not so misguided figuratively when we wrote the following in 2004 … We are already Patricios. Hence the General Company (in the spiritual events past and future coexist …) forks to General Villegas and to Victorino de la Plaza. Of course fantastic contraption hit a detour through the Provincial (which was even planned).

In reality the railroad company to General Villegas crossed with the Provincial, near the South Station July 9. But before getting to see how we managed to continue the march towards the West, I can not digress, about these bad born, who deliberately and / or ignorance, no damage was caused to desectructurar sized Argentine railway system, to encourage the emergence of complex automotive roadman. We will not tire of repeating the disastrous continuity that had the 5315 Act of 1907, the unrestricted application of the National Highways Act, 1932 and 11 658 notorious "Larkin Plan" dated February 1962. That whole string of people almost dying out, is due to that wild-substitution policy. The complex of interest Automotive – paved road, joined by a reinsurance side as the tens of thousands of families own trucks and buses and a self-absorption of the railway unions, who continued with their monopolistic practices of the time the railroad and did not realize that were putting the noose around his neck.



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