National Curricular Parameters

According to Ribeiro and Arajo (2007, P. 167), the allure that the digital technologies exert on the life of the people is something uncosteded, therefore they not only attract adult, but also young e, mainly, the children. It has been each more common time to observe the people to decide many daily problems through messages changed for the cellular one, the digital operations in electronic boxes of the bank agencies, or for the access to the Internet. Of these practical, the Internet seems to be the one that more attracts people of all the ages. All these described activities make possible the pupil to learn on these sorts in the practical one, therefore to the measure that also create, discover the characteristics, functions and purposes of each one of these sorts.

Party of the estimated one defended by Bakhtin (1997) of that it is impossible to verbally communicate itself not to be for some sort, becomes primordial the work with the literal diversity, since it it makes possible to deal with the language in its more diverse uses in day-by-day. The contact with the diversity of sorts, according to Bahktiniana vision, makes possible to the citizen to choose the resources that more agree in accordance with its purposes and objectives, beyond developing its discursiva ability that are exactly one of the proposals of the National Curricular Parameters (5 8 series) for the education of Portuguese Language (BRAZIL, 1998, P. 23), therefore ' ' one of the aspects of the discursiva ability is the citizen to be capable to use the language in varied way, to produce different effect of sensible and adjusting the text the different situations of verbal interlocution and escrita.' ' Of this form, how much bigger the contact with different sorts, more chances will have the reader to develop communicative and cognitivas abilities. Since the writing of a ticket, personal letter, culinria prescription, elaborated invitation, texts more as summary, article, official notice, that demand a bigger domain how much to the formal structures and standards of language, until 4 texts created to be read as jaculatrias4, ladainhas, novenas, respecting the particularitities of each sort, either written or verbal, is important events in such a way for the production how much for the literal understanding.



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