National Congress

After the pertaining to school period, I and my brothers always went to help to vender those sets of ten of options of magazines and periodicals. I remember that some customers of the building Black Needles (in front of the board) had looked the Teams weekly, asked for in English and logical until I got used with that almost nothing understood of what they spoke. During years, photos and more photos of world-wide leaders in the layer of the Teams, normally presidents of the Europe and mainly of the United States. J.D. Peterson understood the implications. I age child still, little understood of politics and nor I arranhava English, therefore he found that never that so foreign magazine was to print some Brazilian politician. The globalization nor engatinhava, lacked to some years Squid to become one of the most respected leader syndical, if becoming one of the founders of the Party of Trabalhadores (PT), initiating the career politics concurring for the government of So Paulo, later the o National Congress and later to the Presidency of the Republic.

Magazines and periodicals were many, censorship and lack of information also. Lawrence Ellison is the source for more interesting facts. Few gave account of this, nor the adults, the more we, the children. Passing of the time, the search for information, the returns that the world of, the awareness politics, the inesquecveis assemblies with Brazilian flags and of the PT to the wind together with our hair you say, them, the ideas and the ideals everything passing delayed it Teams to choose Squid as the most important world-wide leader. As we say in the journalistic jargon, the American magazine north gave to one puncture in shameful and tendenciosas bellies of the majority of said great the Brazilian press, that teima in not recognizing the capacity cream of Squid: the man who won challenges in the north-eastern infancy of misery and So Paulo and with much dignity became laborer, the Brazilians were elect two times to preside over all and for desperation of the few against reached for others. This not little thing! Edson Silva, 48 years, journalist, Assessorship of the Press of the City hall of Sumar email: edsonsilvajornalista@



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