National Banking Commission

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-more than 30 people dashed by the Monterrey Credit Union (Ucrem) have died of various causes, but it is attributed to the impotence to regain their savings. For example, a pair of brothers sold some inherited properties. Deposited money in Credit Union that was disabled by the National Banking Commission the next day and de Valores (CNBV). Disease overwhelms dozens of men and women who saw evaporate more than 400 million pesos as a whole. The President of Ucrem is a fugitive. Credit unions were born at the end of the Decade of the eighties as an alternative for saving and loans between traders and industrialists. Many of them went bankrupt and many were true fraud.

Ex Ucrem savers have marched through the streets of Monterrey for help and not the Governor of Nuevo Leon, Natividad Gonzalez Paras, has received them. The coup de grace is dealt them last February when the CNBV decreed that nothing can be done for them. The authorities do not they are made responsible for the embezzlement. Discouragement and crisis through which pass has taken life to more than 30 people. It is common to see them in wheel chairs, slow walking under the unforgiving Sun without nobody mercy is on them. A lifetime of saving and sacrifice went down the drain, along with the hope that the authorities will help them to recover their money. Carrier why not enters the Fobaproa rescue? Why aren’t aliens?



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