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The Andalusian director stated that they had two aspects in mind when beginning the study
., as the situation in which these foods are in Spain, and their order in the shopping cart. Then went over to see first hand the most important conclusions obtained from product to product. The round and was responsible for study in Andalusia, Juan Bolanos. ste argued that he chose 68 samples of wine, olive oil 22, 28 samples of fruits and vegetables, 8 bread and six of fresh green. First, organic tomato analyzed scored 67.1 points out of 100 and a qualitative category of good to very good.

The experts pointed out that organic tomatoes fairly homogeneous quality characteristics and which generally has a very good visual presentation, a good degree of uniformity in color, shape, size and maturity and good aromatic intensity, clean and high power acid / sweet. Similarly, organic tomatoes have a thin skin, persistent, pleasant, meaty texture and excellent juiciness. Experts advise the organic tomato producer to conduct a presentation appropriate to their good quality, conservation processes oscillate between 8 and 10 degrees and the tomatoes ripened on the tree can be consumed even at 5-6 days after being collected; also is a tomato rich in vitamin C and lycopene and low in potassium. Then there was talk of wine, from which important conclusions were obtained as was given by the National Association of Tasters, a score of 75. Thus, the experts stressed the organic white wines perfect clarity, powerful and intense taste just a touch of acidity to provide a sense of freshness. As a young red wines, the report highlights its vivid colors, high color intensity and aromatic notes and balance between fruit and secondary aromas.

Virgin olive oil, for its part, can be considered good to very good, and that 31% of assessors so defined. And, as experts said, EPOR example, Almeria has a special taste fruity and smooth which makes it different from Restoue. Finally, the rest of the products evaluated were the apple and organic bread. Green apple, his score was only discreet while bread was “good.” With all this, it was concluded that organic products are on the right track. Author’s website dedicated to all sorts of online and shop.



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