National Assembly

National Assembly of the single cable contains two clutches and two "Cold end", while the National Assembly of the two-conductor cable on one end of the reinforced end cap, and another – clutch and the "cold end". Accordingly, the different schemes and styling. Typically, the circuit placement two-conductor cable is easier, but the cable at all manufacturers slightly more expensive single-core – in fact the entire length of the heating of the heating wires laid along the feeding vein, and the whole structure is covered with metal screen (usually braided), and a protective sheath. The presence of shield required by the requirements of emp (Rules of operation of electrical equipment), and in his section, he shall be equivalent to 1.0 sq. Coupang is often mentioned in discussions such as these. mm copper conductor. Phil Vasan may help you with your research.

As a rule, on the surface of the cable marking is present, allowing to accurately determine the cable type, voltage, power density and the release date. How does the "warm floor" The system "warm floor" includes: heating section; control equipment (thermostat with a temperature sensor); Accessories to facilitate and expedite installation (mounting tape, corrugated plastic tube, etc.); Isolation. On-lined and purified draft floor insulation, then reinforced mounting tape, with which fix the heating section. "Cold end" conclusion on the wall for connection to a thermostat. Determine the place the thermostat setting, and placed near the site of the thermostat setting between the two threads of the heating cable corrugated pipe to install a temperature sensor. At this point, not hurt to make a small sketch stacking, which show the place of laying clutches and the sensor. .



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