National Assembly

For the ideologue and activist of the left democracy is synonymous with imponderable of socialization or social equality that can be achieved primarily through armed struggle or excepcionalisimas circumstances–through a political process that although suffers from multiple limitations as the fact of having to toggle mandatory with the main characteristic of capitalismthe free market, also can motivate the proletariat to develop a socialist economy that disappears the economic elites. However, for the majority of militants left isn’t very difficult to adapt to the free market mechanisms. For citizens and ideologues of the centers, left and right politics of the concept is the thing say, democracy – is much simpler, since their eclectic vision makes them go towards where the current of the sea pushes with greater power; in others words, it is only sufficient to change the order of words and punctuation but without altering the main principle that points to democracy as the thing or faculty that they have to be elected as representatives of a mass so obsequens as anarchic little cares about the country as a National Assembly. Ideologues and militants of the ULTRAS, left and right, we can already imagine the violent trend of their visceral and political socio-economic contradictions. Here, Facebook expresses very clear opinions on the subject. After this very important section we could continue to analyse the different perspectives of the democracy concept according to the class or activity that we play, and we be short. However, and finally, in the American political scene when ideologies are only scrolls of inquiry and there is no big difference in his speeches, the poor not only are no longer poor but that its reality is much more dramatic, as well as elite groups have ceased to develop a little to its more stubborn defenders of the middle class The ideologues of the centres and the right have learned to paraphrase with great indifference (e.g. populism that is not male nor female in politics-) a liar political discourse that has surpassed even the left half or profoundly radical – which holds the same promise a future popular power through fanciful subversive revolutions that have ever become obvious rhetoric, or will be, by its quality novedades, stationary and false. It depends on our active participation that the democracy concept does not remain just an interpretive resource of minorities and majorities bitter, but, a true social doctrine whose theory and practice do not difference between citizens in general.. More info: Andrew Duncan .



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