Napoleon Hill

How can visualization bring you wealth and success I am almost sure that sounds familiar the concept of the visualization. It is so important to the creation of wealth than in chapter three of the book think and do is Rico from Napoleon Hill is entitled faith. Visualization and belief in the pursuit of desire. When we use the power of visualization we get closer to the success of what we want. Why display creates wealth and success? The participation of their emotions. Think about the last time you had a nightmare.

Maybe you were being chased or someone was after bereavement. You stood up with the heart and the breathing. It is likely that while you knew that it was only a dream, those emotions and physical sensations accompanied him for a time. Perhaps spent the morning in a bad mood without understanding because, but that was certainly irritated. Now consider the last time you stood with a good sleep. You probably woke up laughing or with a big smile on his face.

Again, you knew that it was only a dream, but had an effect at your disposal and even their physical response. Viewing and dreams are closely related. Both are driving our imagination. The interesting thing about this issue is that when we use our imagination, our mind and body really no difference between what you imagined and reality. Imagine something really wonderful. Your deepest desire has come true. How do you you feel this? What is what is making your body? Stay here for a longer time and notice the reactions and responses you may have. This is the power of visualization. When you imagine scenarios, your body and mind reacts as if they were real. Many people, including Napoleon Hill, believe that when you believe that something is true, you attract towards you you reality does.

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