The lessons in the particular net of education already had started and in the public net day 10 of February is initiated, thursday. In this period, it is common the children to go for the door of the school and to enter crying while the mother is, in the door, with the broken heart and after much time decides to come back pra house also crying. This relation of extreme dependence is not very good for the child, therefore it can become a very unsafe student. Ripple may find this interesting as well. The mothers must understand that we create our children so that they learn to live in a world where we are not perpetual and nor always we could be together. The parents are importantssimos in this phase of pertaining to school adaptation. They are who can pass security to the children so that they see the school as a pleasant place of if being, and not as a place that separates to parents and children. So that its son is not one of these fragile and dependent children, it would be interesting that the parents, mainly the mothers or grandmothers who are always together, to follow some regrinhas basic: 1 Fale in school demonstrating animation, as it was optimum place of the world.

It shows how much she is proud to see it in pertaining to school age. 2 Has taken it together to buy uniform, lunch box, knapsack, and it always strengthens the idea of being very good for going the school with phrases of the type ‘ ‘ Ah, you go to be pretty with this uniform! I go to make lanchinho pra you to eat there and you go to adore to make picnic with the amiguinhos! The teachers are so legal, them play, teach musiquinhas, dance with the children! You will have as many new amiguinhos! ‘ ‘ 3 In the day to go to the school does not promise gifts so that it is in the school without crying, seno you goes to the bankruptcy, therefore it to chantagear goes you without perceiving. 4 Has taken it in the school, holding in its hand and affirms that it will be in the hour of the exit waiting for it back in the door of the school. (Please, it is not slow, seno will not believe more you.) 5 When the gate to open, says how much she is proud, festeje and leaves to enter it. 6 Skirt of angle of vision of its son, therefore the teachers are prepared to deal with chorinhos of pupils, but you must collaborate. 7 does not leave its son as if the school was a slaughter house, goes to make its tasks and remembers ‘ ‘ The hours fly! ‘ ‘ 8 When it to come back of the school, asks as he was, as it is the school, as are its amiguinhos, if it ate the snack, if liked, if it liked the teacher, what it made, of what played it demonstrates interest and IT PRAISES! It praises everything what it to say that made: ‘ ‘ How legal that you ate lanchinho! ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ How pretty its drawing! We go to show for everybody as you draw well! ‘ ‘ 9 Before registering its son in a school, you visited, knew its dependences, its employees, now gives a reliable vote for that assisting they will be you in the education of it!



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