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Useful tips and tricks for more traffic on your website neck bridge, the August 12, 2010 so you generate massive traffic to any Web page the Internet is increasingly a platform for traditional companies at the present time. Larry Ellison understood the implications. To present its products and services on the Internet, some criteria must be observed. Social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, blogs, forums, press portals, wikis, etc. are excellent advertising portals – if you use them correctly! Many of these platforms are available free of charge, and help to provide the desired target group with relevant information. More visitors to its Web site who really going on here, can bring quickly and free of charge. Why do you still a search engine optimization? What are Ping services, how use to bookmarks, and much more is described in detail in “More traffic by a top ranking”. In the following I will show some simple steps how your website can be optimized exemplary: step 1: revise and change the content all your Web pages to achieve an all-round optimization.

No Web page should take up another. Link also to fit your individual Web pages themselves actively and thematically. Use the nouns of the linked page in the link text. Step 2: Add META tags to each page. Begin with the search for keywords that are important for your business. Then you can optimize your Web page further, to the optimialen tags in the meta-tags, the tags, headings, category name, title, ALT tags of images, etc.

to integrate. Step 3: Log on your website with the major search engines, Web directories, Web directories, social bookmarking communities and regional directories to build the first back links to your new website. As a result you get varied sources for visitors on your Web page. You can use the free registration service “Submit Express” your Web page to login or tools such as the “Internet business promoter” by Axandra. Step 4: Build reciprocal links. Exchange links with other Web sites and Web master, which have similar content as you. This also includes that you find all competition sites with a high priority and find out where they have placed your links. Then just make sure that you place your link there. Don’t overdo these kind of links but because from a certain extent mutual links no longer can lead to the desired effects and turn even on the contrary. Step 5: Check the report to improve your search engine rankings. If necessary, optimize your website again and sign again the search engines and directories. Lead site statistics and tracking conversion rates. If you have no idea how you get such statistics or reports, you simply use Google Analytics. You will find more information for a better ranking in the search engines, such as for example duplicate content, ping list, RSS-feeds,…, see: more Traffic Peter Schulze Backergasse 4 09633 neck bridge



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