Interior Design fans have proven how lately minimalism is is imposed as predominant choice in the world of decoration. Some defend it by the tranquility that could theoretically make its lines refined against other more Baroque tendencies, others consider that this style (few furniture, straight lines, near absence of color and ornamental or redundant elements) is more practical with the hustle and bustle of daily life today, because opt to not collect unnecessary objects allows us to maintain in good condition the housing with minimal effort. Whatever the reason, the truth is that the majority of young people who become independent now choose this style when decorating your first House and prestigious architects and decorators in magazines offer their best works also with the current minimalist. Personally I think that it is not more than a fashion (recurrent, incidentally) which demonstrates, in addition, a flagrant lack of creativity by the creators of parts (all the houses resemble) and little groundbreaking spirit for part of those who choose it for your House (do you like that your House is identical to the neighbor?). My theory of the decor speaks of an art that expresses the personality of the person who inhabits a space.

I like that to come into a house one perceived in every detail how is its owner, what he likes, what does in his free time, if it is bold or classic, if you prefer to cook to read, if love art or sport, nature or the urban whatever. It is something that is usually lost when one chooses the minimalism. Although perhaps what achieves this style reflect the personality of clone and cold people, who knows. There are always exceptions, of course, and it is always unfair to generalize, but at least roughly seems to be so. For more information see this site: Lanai island. That is why many people wonder if the minimalism in decoration is compatible with the practice of Feng Shui because many times we associate this ancient art with objects and Chinese aesthetics. The answer is Yes, but with some difficulty. Let’s see why. Add to your understanding with Gary Kelly.

Feng Shui is based on harmonizing the energy of a space. It is not necessary to resort to any Chinese image or to any character from Chinese mythology. He is achieved through the five elements of Chinese tradition (fire, Earth, metal, water and wood) and these are basically represented through color, the material and the shape of the objects that make up a House. That is why it is feasible to organize a minimalist through Feng Shui home energies provided that we can play with colors, materials or shapes. And that becomes a little more difficult if we follow strictly this decorative style dominated conclusively straight lines, white and black. It can be done, but it will require an extra imagination. If you like minimalism, and are open to introduce some colors, some more flexible forms and some variety of materials in your home decoration Feng Shui will give you all your help without any problem.



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