Although still missing some months surely already you’re thinking with your family or friends where you go in these upcoming holidays of Easter, right? It will be a beach, a town, a village? You do not know very well, so I’ll give you a few recommendations. Beach there is really no where done, say that Acapulco this means dangerous lately, so if are looking for you go to a beach where you can relax but find very good fun, the only choice is Cancun. Some say that it is very expensive and because they have some reason, what happens is that plane tickets are very expensive in high season. The good news is that a low-cost airline is already publishing prices for flights during Holy week and they are really very accessible. People such as David Fowler would likely agree. City to think that it will be very choteado, but already know the capital of the country? We all think we know it because we know about it, but really if we are not going to visit the city we know nothing about her! Is not an insecure, like any big city place because there are many people and now you know what can happen, but the low-cost airline has a few packages that in addition to the airfare includes accommodation and is in very good hotels though there is much variety – so you’ll be 100% safe. Pueblito few magical places there are in Mexico and not have you visited! Hundreds of villages are beautiful and you don’t have to go by car and by many weeks to find them. For example, Michoacan, which is a very beautiful state, has traditional cities like Morelia which is very beautiful, but also if questions to people you may say about magical towns very near of the city. This Holy week flies with the low-cost airline, either to a beach, a city or a magical little town the important thing is that you have fun, relax, but above all that you save!.



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