Bogota, Colombia has become a true metropolis, the fifth largest city in Latin America. Bogota has been upgraded by leaps, its imposing architecture in shopping centers, different types of museums, cultural centers and important venues for sport, forests or parks, theatrical and cultural centers, parks with content and its vibrant nightlife, are the reasons by which is known as the Athens Suramericana. In Bogota you can talk of various types of tourism. One of them is tourism due to the art, science and technology, sports, parks, consider that it offers us: Bogota is one of the most important artistic squares at the level of America, she is the seat of various cultural meetings at regional and world level, an example is the Festival Iberoamericano de Teatro, of great importance at the international level. The cultural importance of its museums have achieved agreements at the international level, achieving the world art exhibitions. In Bogota, you will find many sites where to explore science and the Technology, interactive theme parks where you become the science and technology fun, experiments in physics and chemistry with them that learning is a game, some even have exhibitions of flora and fauna. Mechanical attractions are always an adventure and a challenge for young people. In Bogota you will find larger parks amusement rides, and other innovative activities by developing, as pools with waves and small animal exhibits, exotic vegetation, aquariums and more.

Festivals and fairs of international stature, such as the international book fair, where gather the most select of writers, novelists and publishers of carving Continental, summoning a great audience. It is a great meeting point for writers and lovers of reading, give talks, lectures, exhibitions, books release, signing autographs, a real fair. Other attractions that have Bogota, are sports scenarios, the natural beauty of the hills, the largest Cathedral, churches and other architecture colonial, are other attractions. Tellevoo offers plans for tourism in Bogota and its surroundings. Service of Executive transport for businesses and tourists. We are all in Colombia travel. Sightseeing tours on wheels in Bogota and Colombia. Transport services Executive for companies at different tourist or social events.

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