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Cooperation with the label marked the release of their debut album Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism (recorded in Grieghallen Studios in April 1992, producer Eirik ‘Pytten’ Hundvin). After the release of the group was fired Armagedda, was replaced by Kolgrim. Soon group only 2 hours recording their first video for the song Call of the Wintermoon. It was taken in summer on the ruins of Lysekloster, where they were doing a photo session for Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism. Drummer Kolgrim called style, which is Immortal, holocaust metal.

The next album, Pure Holocaust was recorded in the same studio and with the same producer. Source: Roland Berger. The album is a milestone in the development of the genre. After the album was followed by two European tour during which was recorded bootleg Live in Zaandam during a speech in the Netherlands December 17, 1993. In 1995 a group released two videos under the guidance of British director David Palzera entitled Masters of Nebulah Frost. These clips contain a lot of bizarre images of winter landscapes.

In consequence, the ideas contained in these clips used in groups to play the same style. In the same year released the legendary album, Battles in the North (recorded in Grieghallen Studios in September 1994). 3000 copies of the album came out with bonus tracks from the demo Unholy Forces of Evil. The album sold over 50,000 copies. Not Considering the main participants and Abbath’a Demonaz’a, Immortal did not form the fasting ended before 1996, as long as the group does not appear drummer Horgh. With it recorded the album Immortal Blizzard Beasts (recorded from September to November 1996, Sigma Studios). The first 1000 copies of the album were made with the ousted band logo on the cover. In 1997, Demonaz (the main songwriter and guitarist for the compositions) suffered tendinitis and was unable to continue to play the guitar. Since that time, he began to study writing new material for the band and was replaced by bassist Abbath. In 1998, the Immortal perform at the festival Dynamo Open Air. This year sees the release of album reissues Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism and Pure Holocaust as pikcher drive for 300 copies of each album. In 1998, moreover, Immortal started Recording At The Heart Of Winter at Abyss Studios with producer Peter Tagtrenom. Album in two years has sold over 70,000 copies. This was followed by a U.S. tour and performance at the March Metal Meltdown festival in New Jersey. In 1999, a permanent bassist takes Iscariah. July 3 1999 in the Netherlands was recorded bootleg Waldrock Live. In the same year committed suicide, former drummer Immortal Grim (participated in the recording of Pure Holocaust). In 2000, Immortal signed a new contract with German label Nuclear Blast, but the transition to a more well-known label is not affected musical style of the group. This year, out Damned in Black. Limited edition came out in a box set with exclusive artwork. In 2002 the album ‘Sons of Norhtern Darkness’. Immortal decided to disband in the summer of 2003 for personal reasons.

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